Athelney Trust Plc
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Athelney Trust plc
Athelney Trust plc Investment Objective
The investment objective of the Trust is to provide shareholders with prospects of
long-term capital growth with the risks inherent in small cap. investment minimized
through a wide spread of holdings over various industries and sectors. The Fund Manager
also considers that it is highly important to maintain a progressive dividend record.

Athelney Trust plc Investment Policy
The assets of the Trust are allocated predominantly to companies with a market capitalization
of less than £100m with either a full listing on the London Stock Exchange or a trading facility on
AIM or ISDX. The assets of the Trust have been allocated in two main ways: first, to the shares of
those companies which have grown steadily over the years in terms of profits and dividends but,
despite this progress, the market rating has remained low or very low; second, to those companies
whose shares are standing at a low level compared with the value of land, buildings or cash in the
balance sheet.

Athelney Trust was founded in 1994 and, two years later, became one of the ten pioneer members
of the Alternative Investment Market and in 2008 the shares became Fully Listed.